Hi, my name is Dean and I'm the inventor of the klip-n-go kayak strap. I purchased my first kayak back in '08, a fourteen-foot recreational boat that I wanted to use for wilderness camping and fishing on the beautiful rivers in northern Wisconsin. When I bought it, I asked if there was some kind of strap to help me carry the kayak with and was told there was none they knew of.  

When I was ready to take my first solo expedition on the clear waters of the Brule River, with both hatches filled and extra gear bungeed on the back, and tried to heft my kayak down to the water, I again wished I had a strap I could throw over my shoulder to carry it with. 

A few springs back, I was talking with a friend at CanoeCopia about paddling the Minnesota boundary waters and the difficulties of portaging a kayak and again asked why they don't just make a strap that you could clip on to your kayak to carry it over your shoulder.  He thought it was a great idea ....... and so do I. So, here it is, the klip-n-go kayak strap.   We've worked hard to make a quality, long-lasting product that will become a part of your kayak, and I hope you will appreciate it as much as we do. Have a great paddle!

Klip-n-go llc is a family-owned business located in central Wisconsin. The company is dedicated to providing a quality, comfortable, and durable product for the kayaking community. We assemble and sew the straps in-house, ensuring that each strap meets our quality standards.

Watch our demonstration videos on youTube.

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